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a few of my favorite things...

I know there are gift guides galore out there and the last thing anyone needs are more things to add to their wish list, BUT I decided to do a little round up of a few of my favorite things anyway. This one might sting a little because they don't all fall in a "budget friendly" zone... but a girl can dream can't she? So here you go... 11 things I'm lusting over (why 11? not sure) and would love to have in my possession before the new year. 

1. I've had my eye on these Alphabet Rings from Catbird for some time now. Maybe it's because now that I'm married and my initials are J.E.M. it would be so cute to have that little set on my fingers. 

2. This Black Floral Lace Chair from Floral Art had me at hello. Simply stunning!

3. This Baniel Knit Jacket by Malene Birger is so classic and chic. It totally reminds me of another fabulous designer that I adore but at a way more affordable price point. 

4. Every girl needs a fabulous bag, right?!?! So this year I chose the Celine Luggage Tote, color-blocked of course.

5. I have to be honest, my grandparents gave me a pair of diamond stud earrings years ago, and I rarely ever take them out, but lately I've been really wanting a pair of over-sized pearl studs. A simple classic way to change things up. This pair from Tiffany & Co. would be perfect. 

6. I love a great classic black platform. I got these Cesena Wedges on Black Friday from Nine West not only are they super cute and perfect for all those holiday parties... but they are also so comfortable. 

7. I'll take any sort of Chanel... old, new, purse, jewelry... but this Golden CC Pendant would make me extra happy.

8. I've been wanting a Gold Hermes H Belt forever, so I guess if I'm making a list of my favorite things it would only be appropriate to include it, right?!?! I mean in the interest of blogging, clearly.

9. Lately I've had a thing for sweaters with huge graphics on them. It's even better when those graphics are covered in sequins. I love this Sequin Boot Sweater by Markus Lupfer. But I wouldn't complain if I got this Peacock one either. 

10. Ever since I saw this Classic Pavé Link Bracelet from J.Crew on my friend Alison, of Faire Frou Frou, I've wanted to rip it off her cute little wrist, in the nicest way possible of course. 

11. Last, but certainly not least, a Brass iPhone Case. Now anyone who reads this blog knows I have a serious obsession with brass, so why not feed my obsession just a little bit more. Now the caveat is that I don't actually own an iPhone, so this gift just got slightly more expensive. 

And there you have it, my perfect holiday wish-list!

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Those shoes!! They're exactly what I'm coveting!

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